55 Alive!

Welcome to 55 Alive! This is our senior adult ministry here at Calvary. This active ministry comprises of Bible studies, service projects, and fun events!


The purpose of 55 Alive is to offer opportunities for spiritual development, learning, socialization, recreation, and service for persons 55 and above in Calvary and community.

For a debt of gratitude owed to Senior Adults it is our purpose and desire to present creative ways of engaging and involving this age group into every aspect of church life. Jesus is our model of a balanced person who grew spiritually, mentally, relationally and physically. We try to have a balanced program for seniors that will be achieved with broad based offerings that reflect their diversity in ages, lifestyle and needs. This gives each member of the council the opportunity to use their gifts while serving others.


The Shut-In Ministry has twenty ministers that visit fifty plus shut-ins each month delivering literature and meeting individual needs as well as arranging and delivering flowers to those in the hospital on a weekly basis.The Bereavement Ministry provides lunch meals or lunch trays to those who have lost a loved one on the day of the funeral. We also plan monthly social events of varying degree each year. We have a Crafts Class and Aerobic Class that meets each week and is open to anyone desiring to participate at no cost. There is a Weekly Bible Study every Wednesday at 9:30 am in the Savannah Room taught by Pastor Kenny. There are approximately 100 seniors involved on a regular basis.

2019 Events

January 27th - Pancake Breakfast - 9 am - Free

February 10th - Valentine Banquet - Noon - $10

March 31st - Soup and Cornbread - 4 pm - Free

May 2nd - Hutson's Dock Cookout - Noon - $5

May 5th - Senior Adult Luncheon - Noon - $10

June 14th - Bingo - 7 pm - Free

July 14th - Watermelon and Peanuts - 4 pm - Free

August 17th - Fish Fry - 4 pm - Free

October 5th - Low Country Boil - 4 pm - $10

October 23- 25 - Retreat to Taccoa, Ga

November 23 - Dinner and a Show (Elf)

December 8th - Christmas Banquet - Noon - $10

Dates and activities are subject to change. Tickets for events can be purchased at the church office. For more information regarding event locations or any general information on 55 Alive, contact Jimmy Humphrey at jaysea2304@gmail.com or 912-232-0168