September 21, 2020 Calvary Baptist Temple

2 Kings 22-23: Look to the Book

2 Kings 22-23: Look to the Book

By Chris Watson

Those of you who know me know that we have had an addition to the family approximately every 2 years for the last 9 years. Over that time there are a few things that I have grown accustomed to: Diapers, stepping on toys in the middle of the night, and kid’s shows on the television. Over the years there have been many shows that have come and gone based on my different child’s preferences, but one of the shows that have remained the same has been Super Why! It is all about the values and things you can learn while reading. Typically the show is set up with a problem and when they need to find the answer they “Look in a book.” 

In 2 Kings 22-23, we see Josiah, the boy king take over the throne at the ripe old age of 8 years old. He had inherited considerable problems from his predecessors Manasseh and Amon, as they had driven God’s people into further disobedience to the Lord. Unlike his father and grandfather, it tells us that Josiah did what was right in the eyes of the Lord and followed completely in the ways of David. One day as they were repairing the temple, The Book of the Law was found. They brought it to Josiah and read it to him and at the hearing of these words, Josiah tore his robes and wept. He began to tear down all of the temples and sacraments to false gods and renewed a covenant to follow the Lord alone and keep His commandments. 

So where do we look when we have a problem? We look in The Book. God’s word has the answers to all of the problems that have surrounded us in the past, that surround us now, and that will come in the future. His word is timeless and can penetrate the soul. We see in the days of Josiah, that much of the lawlessness, wickedness, and evil that are going on today, was going on during that time as well. So as we look for answers to the problems we face, the hurts that we experience, and the struggles we encounter, look to the Lord and to His word, for in Him we find life, meaning, purpose, and hope.