Calvary Baptist Temple, 4625 Waters Ave Savannah

Calvary Campus Drawing 1971

On April 16, 1899, a church was organized with 26 members by Rev. Edenfield. The history of Calvary Baptist Temple is 120 years old and not slowing down. Since the foundation of the church there have been ups and downs, but God remains the same and we are excited about the new ways He is working through us.

Calvary Baptist Temple exists to SHARE life by connecting people with God through His Son Jesus Christ.

We do this by...

  • Seeking the Lost
  • Honoring the Savior
  • Assisting the Needy
  • Restoring the Fallen
  • Equipping the Body

Calvary Baptist Temple is a joyful Southern fellowship of believers in Savannah, GA.

We are a gathering of servants:

  • Praising the Lord in worship
  • Praying to God for power
  • Persuading the lost to be saved
  • Putting the Word of God to work in everyday Life
  • Participating in ministry as gifted Saints
Calvary Temple By Westbury SLDR